Gin originates from Holland. Known in Dutch as genever, the spirit is predominantly made using juniper berries. During the Thirty Years’ War (1618 – 1648), the production of gin moved to the United Kingdom under the nickname ‘Dutch Courage.’ Today, Britain is rightly recognised as the home of gin.



Each gin derives its individual character and flavour from ingredients known as botanicals that are used is distillation. Classic botanicals include juniper, coriander, cardamom and various citrus peels. In order to maintain a certain balance, peppery spices such as pomegranates or grains of paradise are often added. In addition, ingredients such as rose petals, liquorice, nutmeg, almonds and cinnamon can be added. Over the years, countless spices, herbs and fruits have found their way into different gins.


Sauguata Gin

Sauguata Gin is crafted using the London Dry Gin method, the most strictly regulated process in Europe. During a careful maceration, selected ingredients are used to draw forth the essences needed to create an outstanding gin. Professionally burned and specially filtered, the unmistakable Saguata Gin is created. Saguata Gin is not characterised by the number of botanicals or its alcohol content. Rather, it is defined by the genuine and classic gin taste which gives drinkers the opportunity to enjoy it as they like, with their choice of different tonics and garnishes.


„Back to the Roots!“ is Sauguata’s philosophy!